Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve

Core Criteria for a UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve (SNBR) Experience:

Visitors to the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve will have an authentic, hands-on natural and/or cultural heritage learning experience related to the Biosphere by doing an activity within the Biosphere led by a knowledgeable person from the area.

Visitor Outcomes:

As a result of their experience, visitors will:

- gain an appreciation for the area and understand what a Biosphere Reserve means
- become personally connected to the people, the place and its relevance
- be renewed by their experience on some level
- recognize the value of their SNBR experience and how that experience contributes to sustaining our relationship between man and his biosphere within the Southwest Nova Biosphere
- encounter an unexpected element that adds to the overall experience

Experience Criteria:

To effectively leverage and complement the province-wide efforts to enhance tourism, experiences must:

- be well themed – connecting to one or more of the tourism core experiences;
- engage as many of the five senses as possible;
- where applicable, integrate local food and other elements which can add the WOW factor to the experience;
- be well-planned and tested;
- allow visitors to purchase the experience for a set price;
- meet all federal, provincial, or municipal regulations and business requirements (such as insurance), where applicable;
- be available a minimum of 4 weeks throughout the year;
- be presented by a “certified champion of the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve”.

NOTE: There are criteria for Mi’kmaq tourism experiences developed by the Mi’kmaq Association of Cultural Studies and in consultation with elders.  These have been approved by the Chiefs and should be included in final related criteria.